Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to Mom & Dad !

Today (23 March 2007) is the 24th anniversary of my birthday of my mom & dad ... How come they have the same birthday ?! It's very rare to find couple on the same birthday ... And how come 24th years old ?! this is weird ...

OK, let me explain ... Birthday that I mean is equal to Wedding Day ... It means they are reborn to be a united and officially honoured as family leaders ... As their 1st son, I'm very proud of them. Whenever I rebelled and dismissed their advices, they took care of me. There are many (much?!) uncountable faults to them, but their love has covered me till present. May God bless my mom and dad on the way to 25th anniversary as beautiful as silver.

So I say "Thank you!" to mom & dad !